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Unity Audio Delay Bug

If there is am audio delay, go to 'Project Settings -> Audio -> DSP Buffersize' and set it to 'Best Latency'. This delay also happens with Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Project Audio Options

Unity Particles Inherit Velocity Bug

When setting a particle system to inherit initial velocity from the emitter, the particles cannot be emitted at start. Set a delay to something like 0.01

Unity Euler Angle Wrapping

When setting euler angles to set transform rotation, remember to subtract 180 from any axis that is greater or equal to 360.

Blender f-curve Modifiers

When making some looping movement when you do not want the root animation to be in the final animation, like a walk cycle, f-curve modifiers can do non-destructive root movement for you.

this example moves the root bone 1 meter in 30 frames

Blender Crease Maps

To make a crease map, flip the normals towards the inside of the mesh and bake the AO. Make sure the AO distance is small enough.

Detail and Scale

To make an object look big, give it lots of detail to shrink its "atom" size.

Blender Non-Destructive Mesh Variation

To give a mesh "random" variation without permanently skewing the mesh, use the displacement modifier with a cloud texture.

Unity Execute Always

The ExecuteAlways attribute will only work on GameObjects with no parent; they have to be in the main stage.

Unity GameObject to Prefab

GameObjects instantiated in-game are not connected to their original prefab. Use this editor tool to restore the prefab link. (alt link)

Unity Editor Scripts

If any editor tools are added, put them into an "Editor" folder that is a child of the "Assets" folder. Unity will exclude this folder from the build. Also applies to "Plugins".

Convincing Melee Enemies

Have some enemies attempt to flank if in a group. Having enemies stare at the player as they avoid obstacles (with LOS, of course). At distance, enemies can break into a run or jog (can override staring).

Unity Root Motion

In the blend importer rig tab, choose to create a avatar from model and select the root bone (most likely hips is the best root-deform bone). In the blend import animation tab, you can choose what part of the root motion you want to bake out per animation: rotation, Y, or XZ. Make sure to use the avatar on the animator component.

Blender To Unity Export (2.9)

To properly export blends, armatures included, open the export .FBX options in Blender. Set the scale to 0.01. In the armature tab, set the primary bone axis to Z and the secondary bone axis to -X. Turn off leaf bones. The objects still require their rotation to be applied at -90 on the X axis though.